Working with John

It’s simple. We work closely with every speaking client to make sure their event succeeds and our contribution helps make that happen.

No prima donnas here.

Our Process:

  • Welcome and Framing Phone Conference:

    We set up a time, in advance of your decision to hire us, to talk through your event’s objectives and how our content can help make your event more successful.

  • Background Research:

    We want to talk to people in your organization or in the audience to hear first hand about the issues keeping them up at night. Every presentation is customized for the event and audience. Nothing off the shelf here.

  • Our Customization:

    We are not showing up to simply tell you what we know, but to make sure your audience has key take-aways that they can use tomorrow. Our content is built, and presentations organized, around the audience first. From tone to examples, everything is designed around your needs.

  • Marketing Support:

  • From the standard photos and speaker info, we are also happy to help you promote your event. We produce promotional videos in-house. See some of them here. Our goal is to do what you need in order to help make your event A+.

  • On-Site Presence:

    We arrive early and attend any and all events you deem appropriate. We want to meet in person key players at your event, and are happy to attend pre-event activities as well as post-speech sessions. If it makes sense to set up a separate session with senior leaders, we are open for that.

Want to know more? Just reach out and let’s have a conversation. 


“We have hired John three different times because he delivers insights our members can apply immediately. He explains the impact of generational dynamics in a manner that makes everything crystal clear, and his approachable style of presenting really connects with our audience. We’ll be hiring him again without a doubt.”

Theresa Moore, Interim Director of Education, NACS